Bronx firefighters hurt in suspicious school fire

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Bronx firefighters hurt in suspicious school fire
A firefighter at the Monsignor Scanlan High School fire in the Bronx, NY. Image from video, below. Credit: CBS New York

Five Bronx firefighters were hurt in a suspicious school fire that may have started in the boiler room. The fire was labeled as a three-alarm and quickly spread through the high school. The Monsignor Scanlan High School fire is being called suspicious, so there is an active investigation into its cause.

Firefighters received a call about a fire at the Monsignor Scanlan High School that was spreading quickly, according to the New York Daily News. The boiler room is being considered as the place where the fire started, but it was not contained and reached other parts of the building. There were several people inside who managed to get out without being hurt.

The three-alarm blaze took its toll on New York firefighters, and five of them ended up with injuries that needed to be treated. However, none of their injuries were considered life threatening, so they will be able to make a quick recovery. Firefighters had to physically chase the flames as they moved from one area of the building to another using the internal structure.

Officials state the school’s boiler room and chapel had the most damage, but the rest of the building was also impacted by the fire. Students do not have classes on Monday, and there is a chance they will not be back on Tuesday. School officials plan to assess the damage to determine if it is safe for them to return to class.

Dr. Patrick McGuire, the principal, notified police and firefighters about the fire as soon as he noticed it in the boiler room. He is not certain how it started, but officials believe it is suspicious and may have been intentionally set. Despite the extensive damage to the boiler room and chapel, the principal is grateful for the quick response from firefighters for saving the rest of the school and preventing more damage from occurring.

Without classes on Monday, the school officials will have time to evaluate more of the damage. One of the main concerns is the loss of the boiler room because it means the school’s only heating system is now gone. Temperatures can reach low levels in the Bronx’ high school, so the possibility of canceling classes until a replacement heating unit is found exists. The school hopes the heating system can still be saved, so it is waiting for a complete evaluation before making a decision on classes.


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