Boy dies after saving six people from fire

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Boy dies after saving six people from fire
Tyler J. Doohan died after saving six people from a fire that started in a trailer. Image credit: WHAM - Rochester, NY

A small boy died after saving six people from a fire that started in a trailer. Tyler J. Doohan was only eight years old, but firefighters state he displayed courage beyond his years. The child managed to get six relatives out of the trailer once the fire started, but he went back for a disabled uncle and became trapped.

There were nine people inside the tiny trailer located in Penfield, according to the Muncie Star Press. The neighbors state the trailer should have been condemned, and no one should have been living inside. Firefighters believe an electric problem started the fire in the trailer, and the flames quickly spread through all of it.

The fire started late at night, and all nine people were asleep in the trailer. Tyler J. Doohan woke up first and managed to get six relatives out of the burning trailer before coming back for a disabled uncle. Unfortunately, his uncle required extensive help to walk, and the little boy became trapped in the fire before he could get him out.

Three people died in the fire including the boy’s uncle and grandfather, and firefighters state the trailer posed a great danger to those inside. Although they are proud of Tyler J. Doohan for waking up and saving six lives, firefighters point out he made a mistake by going back inside a fire. He should have waited for rescue officials to arrive on the scene because he was not trained to help a disabled adult out of a fast moving fire. The six people he saved do not have life threatening conditions and have received treatment at local hospitals.

Neighbors are upset over the loss of the three family members, but they think the trailer was violating some state codes. There had been issues with the roof and other parts in the past. In addition, they believe keeping nine people inside was past the limit and should have been stopped before the tragedy happened.

Firefighters are reminding people to make sure working smoke alarms are installed in their homes because it is not clear if the trailer had one. In addition, they are advising people to be careful and not go back inside a fire to try to rescue someone. This is the type of work that is best left to professionals who can assess the situation and determine if it is safe to return inside.




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