Baytown firefighters’ act of kindness goes viral

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Baytown firefighters’ act of kindness goes viral
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Baytown firefighters and EMTs of Station 4 responded to the 911 call like any other that the station house receives. They rushed to the home of a man suffering a heart attack, resuscitated him, and transported him to the hospital. What they did after that is what people are raving about.

According to the Inquisitr, 65-year-old John McCormick had a history of heart problems. In the past, he had a quadruple bypass. A few days ago, while he was mowing his lawn, he suffered a heart attack. Barely able to make it into his home, he collapsed and his wife called 911.

Unfortunately, even though the emergency responders were able to get McCormick to the hospital, his condition did not improve and he died two days later.

What has taken the internet by storm was the act the firefighters did after McCormick’s heart attack but before his death.

KHOU reported that when the firefighters headed back to the fire station, engine driver Luke Bednarek came up with the idea of going back to McCormick’s home and finishing his yard work.

“We were all fighting over who can push the mower first,” said Lt. J.D. Giles.

“I just happened to get off the truck first and grabbed the lawnmower first. We were all fighting over it,” said firefighter Blake Steffenauer.

Taking turns, they finished the front and even did the backyard. Then to make sure everything was done right, they put the lawnmower away, locked up the garage and put the padlock key in the mailbox. Giles left a note to McCormick’s wife, Patsy, explaining what they had done and included, “we felt that your husband didn’t get to finish the yard, so we did.”

“They already got stuff they’ve got going on that’s more important,” added Steffenauer. “Yard work shouldn’t be something they’d have to finish up. So we were happy to come back and take care of that.”

What the firefighters didn’t know was that a neighbor noticed what they were doing and took pictures of them with his cell phone. The photos were eventually posted on the City of Baytown Facebook page where they were shared across the world.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” said Patsy. “I just couldn’t believe they took the time to do that.”

Dan Blackford, McCormick’s son-in-law, said, “It just speaks to their character. They say honor is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking. That’s a fact. They were very honorable.”

“It just showed me that there’s still compassion,” said daughter, Jeana Blackford. “That people still do random acts of kindness every day for people that they don’t know.”

According to KHOU, John McCormick, an Air Force veteran, will be buried with full military honors next week.


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